Support – Letter Opener for macOS

All the topics, resources, and contact options you need for Letter Opener.


Getting Started

How to get Letter Opener for macOS and how to use it.

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Purchase Information

Find and manage in-app purchases.

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Setting up Letter Opener

Change your Letter Opener preferences.

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Troubleshoot Topics

Double-clicking doesn’t open the file in Letter Opener

Set Letter Opener as standard app to open a file-type.

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No attachments are shown

The opened winmail.dat file only shows text and no attachments.

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Letter Opener can’t open a file

Contact us if a problem with opening files persists.

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The application can’t be opened because it may be damaged or incomplete.

How to repair a damaged application

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Invalid license code

There might be two different apps installed.

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Contact support

Please note that we can only answer support requests in English language.

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